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Traces of Greece Presentation at the 4th Delphi Economic Forum at Delphi, Greece

Assistant Professor of NKUA and Deputy Academic Coordinator of Traces of Greece, Dr. Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, presented our Short Courses to the esteemed participants of the 4th Delphi Economic Forum at Delphi, Greece, from February 28 to March 3, 2019.

This year’s panels and presentations addressed “The Challenge of Inclusive Growth” and Dr. Panagiotopoulos accentuated the efforts of our Team to create an inclusive platform available to Greek academics and tourist professionals to further promote and disseminate Greece’s cultural and religious heritage.

“We have created a new entity, Traces of Greece, under which 35 Professors of the University of Athens of different disciplines offer their expertise.

You are holding in your hands our very first brochure that was presented in the US yesterday, will be presented in Bologna, Italy, on Sunday, and in the biggest European Travel Exhibition, ITB Berlin, next week.

For the first time in Greece, we are in a position to offer a series of Short Courses which include, amongst others, St. Paul’s steps, Byzantine Athens, Byzantine Crete etc. Most importantly, we try to cover Greece’s long cultural tradition in its entirety, hence our Courses on Minoan Crete and the Great Philosophers. It is worth pointing out that all Courses are instructed by Professors of the University of Athens. All relevant information is available on our website and if you browse through it, you shall see that all our instructors are experts in their fields, be it the classical, byzantine or venetian eras.

At this point, I would like to jump on the opportunity of your presence in the room, Your Excellency - Curator of the Greek Archaeological Council, and state that we are going to do things a little bit differently when it comes to our culture and history.

We have decided to turn the spotlight on the least explored areas and monuments of Greece that elude even Greeks themselves. For example, our Course themed after Achilles and the Myrmidons visits the ancient sites at Fanos which I am positive that none of you knows that are more significant even than those at Mycenae.

The aspiration of Traces of Greece and of the University of Athens is to accentuate the importance of the lesser known sites of Greece and hence the wealth and depth of Greek cultural heritage in its entirety.

This is the reason why I started my speech by referring to Paparigopoulos. Paparigopoulos blessed us with the generosity of his work through which we acquired a certain unified perception of Greek history and cultural heritage.

It is our highest duty as Academics to receive that unified perception, build on it, disseminate it to the world and then deliver it to future generations. As we theologists often say, it is not just a matter of orthodox (appropriate) belief, but also of orthodox (appropriate) actions. We need not just describe our aforementioned duty, we also need to act upon it, much like Orthodoxy cannot exist without Orthopraxis.

Thank you very much for your attention.”

Ioannis Panagiotopoulos,
Ass. Professor of Church History, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Deputy Scientific Coordinator, Traces of Greece

At Delphi Economic Forum IV: February 28 - March 3, 2019 - THE CHALLENGE OF INCLUSIVE GROWTH








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